MVB and Simeon De Witt, Report on the petition of James Pumpelly et al., 19 February 1816

MVB and Simeon De Witt, Report on the petition of James Pumpelly et al., 19 February 1816

The Attorney General and Surveyor General, to whom was referred the petition of James Pumpelly and others, proprietors and owners under proprietors of lands in the tract commonly called the Boston ten townships, respectfully report—

That on the 11th February, 1809, the Secretary of State, the Surveyor General and the Attorney General, pursuant to concurrent resolutions of the Senate and Assembly, made a report at length on a similar petition, which report was entered on the journal of the Assembly of that year, (page 142.) The Attorney General and Surveyor General beg leave to refer to that report for all the facts and transactions relative to the subject, which had occurred prior to that date, since which the Legislature passed the act of the 9th April, 1813, entitled "an act concerning the lands ceded by this State to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, which confirms the survey of said lands made by Walter Sabin, except the north tier of lots. The act gave to the occupants of these lots the pre-emption of the lots they respectively occupied enlarged or altered to one hundred and sixty acres each; and to the claimants under the grant from Massachusetts, the pre-occupation of the remainder, for which the occupants and claimants were to pay the value to be ascertained by a fair appraisement; and the lots that were not thus purchased before the first of November, then next, were directed to be sold in the manner prescribed for the unappropriated lands. Pursuant to the act, the Surveyor General had the land surveyed and appraised, and the occupants made purchases of their lots within the time limited to the amount of two thousand four hundred and twenty-nine acres; but no part of the residue was applied for by the claimants under the grant of Massachusetts, as a reason for which, the difficulty, if not impracticability of availing themselves of the benefit of the act has been assigned. No further transactions having since taken place in regard to these lands, the petitioners again pray for relief in the premises.

Respectfully submitted.

AlbanyFebruary 19, 1816.

S. DE WITT, Surveyor General.

M. V. BUREN, Attorney General.

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