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MVB to Rufus King, 9 February 1820

My dear Sir

I am fear full that I will seem troublesome to you, the extent & warmth of our controversy ^however^ is such that it becomes indispensible that we should trespass on the indulgence of our friends to the utmost allowable limits. Paul Busti of Philadelphia is general agent for the Holland company, Joseph Ellicott is their local agent & his nephew  D.E. Evans of our Senate is their agent de facto. Mr. Ellicott & Mr. Evans have great influence in the west, it was exercised for Mr. Clinton in 1817 it is now in full and successfull operation agt. him. Mr C's resentment is great. Meetings have been got up in different parts of the western country & as is alledged & ^<illegible> countenanced by the administration. Their objective is to obtain the passage of a law to lay special taxes on nonresident lands. Their real object to excite <conviction& prejudice agt. the agent & affect the election, in conjunction with which it is apprehended that means are used to atack Mr Busti & thus embarrass Mr. Ellicot, can you conveniently quiet the apprehension of Mr B. If he knew any thing of the politics of Newyork he would know that the Interests of the Holland company can never be in danger as long as they enjoy the friendship of the Republican party of the State, that they can have no better security agt the efforts of <parties> and the designs of demagogues than the good will and favor of the great body of the people of the State & that on the contrary nothing would be more dangerous than to cause it to be believed that they had in any way identified their interests with the  desperate fortunes of Messrs Clinton & co.

Yours cordially


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Source: NHi New-York Historical Society
Collection: Rufus King Papers (NHi)
Series: Series 3 (17 February 1815-2 December 1821)