Archibald McIntyre to MVB, 13 January 1819

Arch[ibal]d McIntyre to [MVB], 13 January 1819

State of Newyork Comptroller's office,


Dear Sir,

I understand that the Steam Boat Fire Fly has regularly plied as a passage Boat between Newyork and Newburgh for the two last years. Not a cent of money has been recieved at the Treasury for the tax on Passengers in that Boat, nor have any Accounts been rendered of the Tax. Have the goodness therefore to proceed against the Master of the Boat under the act entitled "An act respecting navigable communications between the great Western and Northern Lakes and the Atlantic Ocean," passed April 15. 1817 I understand the Master's Name is Smith. I cannot immediately ascertain the name with certainty—perhaps you can.

Very respectfully Your's

Arch^d^. Mc.Intyre

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