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MVB to S[tephen] Pleasonton, 8 October 1822


Messrs. James & Tobias L. Hogeboom <illegible> indebted to the U.S. as bail for their brother and judgmt. has been recoverd agt. them. They have shewn me a letter from you by which it appears that indulgence has been already given them untill the first of January next. They wish to have that indulgence extended for twelve months from that day & have requested me to write you on the subject. They have taken counter security from which they hope to realize a great part of the demand but if they enforce it now it must be at a great sacrifice, when on the contrary if they can extend a credit on that for the period they wish indulgence from the U. States they have reasonable assurance that their present security will be very materially improved. They are very honest men & their case is a very hard one which must inevitably <lead> to a sacrifice of some part of their property. As the debt is without ^doubt^ safe I have given them some encouragement to believe that the favour they ask will probably be granted to them, which I will be happy to learn to be the case.

With respect your

hble. Sert.


[In unknown hand]

Albany Oct. 8. 1822,

Honble M.V. Buren

relating to the Sureties 

of Peter L Hogeboom

late Paymaster <Esq>

Ansd. Oct. 18. 1822.

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Source: DNA National Archives and Records Administration
Collection: RG 206 Dept. of the Treasury, Records of the Solicitor of the Treasury
Series: Series 4 (3 December 1821-31 December 1824)