MVB, Thomas Jackson Oakley, and Nathan Williams to John Jacob Astor, 9 January 1819

MVB, Nathan Williams, and Tho[ma]s J[ackson] Oakley to J[ohn] J[acob] Astor, 9 January 1819



We take the liberty to inform you, that having made considerable progress in the investigation of your claim against the state, we are now ready to receive from you, the terms on which you are willing to compromise. From the difficulty of exchanging propositions on this subject, on account of the assent of the legislature being necessary to give effect to any settlement which may be made, it is important to all concerned, that your proposition should be of a definite character. Being desirous, also, to make a report of our proceedings as soon as possible, we beg leave to request of you to give us all the facility in your power. As this is a measure of conciliation only, it is proper for us to observe, that this request is made, and your offer will be received, in that character, neither party to be prejudiced thereby, in the event of future litigation.

We consider it incumbent on us to apprise you, that the learned counsel, with whom we have thought it our duty to consult on some points in relation to your claim, has given an opinion, that if the claim is finally substantiated, you will be bound by law to pay for the improvements made on the property you may recover.

We remain, very respectfully,

Your humble servants,

NATHAN WILLIAMS, } Commissioners.
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