Aaron Burr to MVB, c31 January 1815 to c25 March 1815

Aaron Burr to MVB, [c31 January 1815 to c25 March 1815]

81 Pearl St Cornr

of Maiden Lane.

Dr Sir

A friend of Mr Ely called yesterday to inform me that the Bill which he had intended to bring into the H of A. for my benefit had been indefinitely postponed by your advice. No doubt you may have very good and very friendly reasons for this advice; but I should have taken it very kind if they had been first imparted to me.

You know that the only hope which I have of being able to keep out of prison Six Months longer, is founded on the Success of this Bill. Several persons have come (Some of them from great distances) and still remain here for the Sole purpose of promoting this Measure, which they justly consider as my last resource. Is it now to be abandoned in this Way?


A Burr

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Printed in Political Correspondence and Public Papers of Aaron Burr, ed Mary-Jo Kline and Joanne Wood Ryan, 2 vols. (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1983), 2:1155-56.