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MVB, Counsel for James Jackson ex dem. Abr[aha]m I. Salisbury v. Nicholas Fish and Matthew McNair,  [1814]

Supreme Court

James Jackson ex

dem. Abrm. I Salisbury


Nicholas Fish &

Matthew Mc Nair

Brief for Trial Onondago circuit

Deduction of Sale

Ist. Pattent to Caleb Cornwall for Lot No. 6 in Hanibal Onondago County

2d April IId. Conveyance from Caleb
1783 Cornwall To Edward Taylor
Witness Barker  
<Zeder> <illegible>  

  IIId Assignment from Edward
May 18th Taylor to Abrm. Salisbury the
1789 Lessor.

IVth. The Settlement of one Hempstead as a Tenant under the Lessor & possession under him of the previous question for five or six years.

receipts Vth. The Payment of the Taxes for several years.

<boker> & VIth. Proof of the Consideration of
Smith the first deed

E. Taylor VIIth. Do. of the second

Jackson ex dem

<Hudson> & Chapman

Alexander & others To shew that
3d Johnson R this conveyance
3484 was good as a deed, &

1st Vol. of Greenleafs edition of the Laws page 353—to shew that the Pattent refered back to 29th. March 178<2>.

Supreme Court

James Jackson ex

dem Abm. Salisbury


Fish & McNair

Brief for Circuit


Copy of assignment of

Osborn parsons <discharge>


Source: DLC Library of Congress
Collection: MVB Papers (DLC)
Series: Series 2 (1 January 1812-16 February 1815)