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MVB to [DeWitt Clinton], 28 April 1810

Dr Friend,

I have once more with shame to inform you that this county has given 527 majority for Platt & about the same for Assembly & Congress. All the made Voters voted for assembly & Congress. If you look at the Votes between this year & last you will find that there have been about ^rising of^ 600 Votes made in the County of which our friends made about one third. In Chatham our friend Dorr after he had made about a Dozzen got one of the Judas Breed into his Camp gwho gave up his Deed to the Federalists. This broke us up there. In Claverack our friends made more than they did. In this City they made 50 more than us, & in the lower towns where we had no body to make or to be made they played the very devil with us. In the Single town of Gallatin Robert R LeRoy Livingston this morning admitted to me that whe had made 190. WmElisha Williams was t[here] during the whole election to fill up the Deeds, so that upon the whole we h[ave] reason to flicitate ourselves it is no wor[se] the Feds. sent ^us^ by Calleban 800 deeds they secretly indulged the Belief that they would have a X 1000 majority here

I am satisfyed that this County has been principally the Seat of their opperations in this way. All other accounts are favourable. Dutchess I think safe. Schenectady about 60 majority. Green only a little rising of 100. Flying accounts from the Westward very favourable. We have this moment offered to Bet our feds here, on the Assembly & Western district which they decline. I am sorry for Columbia but have done all that I could & fel. King George has Issued too many pattents for us. If our friends had laid off their scruples earlier we ^would^ have reduced their majority to about 250 which is all they are honestly entitled to.

Yours Cordially


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Source: NNC Columbia University
Collection: DeWitt Clinton Papers (NNC)
Series: Series 1 (5 December 1782-31 December 1811)