MVB to Francis Stebbins, 19 August 1811

MVB to [Francis Stebbins], 19 August 1811

To the Editor of the Nothern Wig–



In your paper on the 16th. Instant at the close of several scurrilous remarks respecting myself & others you say, “Do you suppose, that Lawyer Van Buren has now any recollection of a Letter which he wrote last winter to a member of the legislature, urging him in the first place, if possible, to prevent a report being made on the subject of the Livingston title to the manor Lands; but if not able to prevent this, by all means to get the Business put over in ^the^ legislature. For if it was not, it would prevent their (the democrats) gaining some hundred votes in the manor towns?”

The circumstances of this report having balso been circulated by a gentleman of respectability in the party to which you profess to belong, entitles it to my notices and renders it proper for me to declare as I now do–that the assertion that I wrote such a letter either in terms or in substance is utterly false. It is because the calumny has received its most extensive circulation ^through your paper^ that I wish my denial of it to be published through the same channel. I therefore request you to publish this note in your next paper, for which Mr. Miller who will hand that ^it^ to you will pay you.

Your hble Servt


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