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MVB to [DeWitt Clinton], 20 April 1811

Dr Friend,

From the proceedings of our County meeting you will perceive that we are correct if we are not as numerous as we might be. Our new Sheriff turned rather pale at the meeting when I introduced the resolutions but did not think fit to enter into a discussion he made a virtue of necessity with a tolerable good grace. He assured me that he would exert himself to prevent Willet from having a vote in Canaan. Dr. Younglove is the only man in the County out of Clermont who supports Willet & whether he will get an other vote for him is a subject much canvassed but doubtfull. When at Albany I did not believe that the manor dispute would make so deep an impression as it has, I have now scarcely a doubt that if the Report had been postponed we would have carryed our Assembly ticket. The convulsion & agitation there is greater than ever they are displeased with every Body ^who has had any thing to do with it^ except me. The Livingston have had the report published in hand Bills, it is very accomodating to them & irritating to the people. It is under all circumstances an extraordinary production.

Lewis we understand is very active, we have given him a small hint in the last Bee & will continue it if his conduct merits it and on reflection we think it advisable. We have always told you that the Chancellors influence in this county was truly contemptible and we will now have an oppurtunity to prove it. Mortifyed as the Republicans of the County Justly are at the treatment they have recd. last winter, they will continue to reject with disdain any propositions coming from that quarter.

Cantine told me yesterday that Haight was very passive, that his violence had abated unaccountably within 48 hours he believes that he will say nothing at the Election & that to av avoid an exposition of his Weakness, Willet will not be voted for

Should any thing of consequence be transpire in Nyork I hope our friends will keep us advised ^us^ of it. The Cattskill paper is in such a situation that it cannot come out, I wish your committee would supply them liberally by the Steam Boat with papers.

Yours sincerely


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Source: NNC Columbia University
Collection: DeWitt Clinton Papers (NNC)
Series: Series 1 (5 December 1782-31 December 1811)