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MVB et al. to the Republican electors of the middle district, [28 April 1818]

To the Republican Electors of the Middle District.

fellow citizens—

The Republican Corresponding Committee of the city of Albany, having witnessed, with regret, the unceasing and persevering efforts which have been and are making, to divide and distract the republican electors of this district, on the question of candidates for the Senate, at the approaching election; and having learnt, that notwithstanding the unanimity which prevailed at the meeting in this county, attempts are made to impress the republicans of the district with a belief, that great diversity of opinion prevails in this city, on this interesting subjectfeel themselves called upon to repel such insinuations, as untrue, and injurious to the republican character of this county; and, for themselves and in behalf of their constituents, to declare explicitly, and unequivocally, that they consider WILLIAM ROSS, of the county of Orange, and MOSES AUSTIN, of the county of Green, as the candidate regularly nominated by the republicans of the counties entitled to the nomination; and that they, and they alone, are entitled to the support of all sound republicansto assure the republicans of this district, that whatever may be the course pursued by others, the republicans of the city and county of Albany will be found faithful to those principles which have hitherto baffled the efforts of federalism, and triumphantly sustained the republican cause and party.

They would respectfully and cordially invite their republican friends in this district to pursue the same course, and to assure them, that the hand of their old and inveterate adversary is in the measures of discord and division which have been set on foot, and to conjure them to remember, that the peace and harmony of the party, and the efficacy and success of regular nominations, will be materially affected by the results of the pending contest. If nominations like those Austin and Ross, can be disregarded and defeated, then indeed we may bid adieu to those bright prospects which so recently smiled on the republican cause, and promised perpetuity to its ascedency.

M. Van Buren, Elisha Jenkins,
C.E. Dudley, Gideon Hawley,
John Woodworth, James King,
Gerrit Y. Lansing, Francis Bloodgood,
J. Buel, J. Lansing,
Philip S. Parker, G. V. Denniston,
William James, Peter Gansevoort,
John Stilwell, Gerrit L. Dox,
Isaiah Townsend, L. L. Van Kleeck,
I. W. Clark, John I Van Schaick,
John Stafford, C. Sackrider.
Wm. Mayell,   
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Source: Albany (NY) Argus
Collection: N/A
Series: Series 3 (17 February 1815-2 December 1821)