MVB to William Peter Van Ness, 3 January 1811

MVB to [William] [Peter] Van Ness, 3 January 1811

Dr Sir,

Enclosed is a letter from the President to Mr Bow it was with reluctance that ^he^ consented to write it. For really considering all the Circumstances which attend this transaction it is on his part an act of condescension on his part to attempt to explain to them at all. Your situation, the unexpected success with which you have managed a subject which was on all hands considered impracticable and the Consequent confusion and dismay which it has & must continue if, ^it^ prevails ^to^ carry to our adversaries were the leading inducements on his part to write them.

If mis representation & malice could so far have prevented the minds of the Directors of the Phoenix Company as to induce them to disregard your representations on the subject, the present was at a stand to determine whether Justice to you, himself & the Institution would not impose on him the duty of leaving them to pursue unsolicited such course as their caprice or their folly might dictate. The Letter from Cook & Cantine you will receive by this mail. We all expect to see you here, on the day of Election if the Phonix Proxy can be kept it is undoubtedly good, because it will destroy all hopes to the Malcontents, secure the wavering & in a short time ease us of trouble but whether it is or not, you may rest assured we will give them a contest they little dream of. Your presence will appeal a but myriad of little <Insects> who have been dabbling with hi your views & <Intensions> in your absence. Whether good or evil betide us return ^make^ to Mr Riker our cordial thanks for his honorable, steady & persevering conduct in supporting our Just pretensions on this subject.

Yours sincerely


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