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MVB to W[illiam] P[eter] V[an] N[ess], 20 July 1803


I have delayed writing to you for some time in expectation of receiving a line from you, my ride from Newyork was to me very agreeable, altho alone all the way. I arrived at Claverack soon after the Court had opened, and attended the trial of Croswell [The] greatest exertions were made to obtain his acquittal Van Vechten spoke with his usual energy & Talents but it is a tribute due to Spencer to say that in point of argument & solidity he was excelled by none. The Charge of the Count was extremely severe, I was told that Lewis had said at Claverack that while in Newyork he had used his best endeavours to get Cheetham & Coleman both indicted (I believe this is Correct).

YCornelius has settled in Spencertown in Co. with Thompson, he has got to be a flaming denouncer of Mr. Burr & his Friends, and from the apparent Coolness with which I was recd. by your Father &c I am compelled to believe that he has made insinuations very unfavourable to me, If my Conjectures should be right, I flatter myself that an appeal to you would establish the propriety of my Conduct & his Ingratitude.

Mr. Jauncy has wrote to Mr. V. S. It is understood by Vosburgh that those suits are to be discontinued. (It is said Mr. Van Schaack has taken a part of the Farm in his possission & Claims it upon the principle that it was omitted in the original deed, If you wish I will obtain particular information on this Subject)

Vosburgh wishes to know what you intend to do about Mr. Goess Business, G. is in a very bad state of health I believe without a probability of recovery.

I have recd. the Express, if I am not much mistaken the oservations of Dr. Irving, from the great degree of Candour which pervades them will have a great affect, I find almost a sentiment of Disaprobation of the manner in which the Charge agt. the Mr. Burr has been conducted by Cheetham every where prevalent.

Have you got some one to attend to your Business? Permit me to assure you that your very kind attention to me while in Newyork has made an impression on my mind of the warmest gratitude,

give my respects to Mrs. Van Ness

Yours, Sincerely in haste

M. V. Buren

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Source: PPRF Rosenbach Museum & Library
Collection: N/A
Series: Series 1 (5 December 1782-31 December 1811)