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MVB to W[illiam] P[eter] V[an] Ness, 3 January 1810

Dr Friend,

Mr. Edgar has declined the loan to Mr Van Alen and of consequence his affairs assume an aspect the most serious to him and afflicting and mortifying to his Friends. God knows what can be done, for my part I can see no possible mode of keeping off his ruin any longer, unless your Brother John assists him and to ask him to extend his kindness and generosity farther than he proposed to do in the case of the loan from Edgar is making a request of no small amount, as most men be they ever so wealthy at this day feel the Want of ready cash and [s]till nothing short of ready Cash and that to a considerable amount can save his property from being sold at the post and that probably for a trifle and consequently entailing on him almost perpetual Imprisonment for the great Bulk of his Debts. The Sheriff has now in hands Executions against him to the amount of ^rising of^ $3000 the return days of which are past and to return which in 20 days he expects every moment to be ruled having been called upon & written to again and again hence you will perceive that unless something definitive is done while you are at Washington there will be no time to write them again.

VanMr Van Alen was here yesterday and I made himself sensible of his Situation he now appears to feel it, he has consented to dispose of his whole real estate at Kinderhook if a purchaser could be procured but that here & on the Spur of the occasion is impossible. If this could be done there cannot be a doubt but that prudence [&] economy would mark his subsequent conduct it appears to me impossible that it should be otherwise, there ^are^ ways enough in which with his Industry he could make a comfortable living. If your Brother would consent to purchase his Kinderhook Estate at a reasonable price and pay & assume the Incumbrances or if he will advance say $5000 and take an assignment of all his property, to be disposed of by him to repay himself and refund the surplus or allow to Mr. Van Alen for the same he may be sa[ved] otherwise he cannot. It is not for [me to] advise or direct, do for gods sake try what you can do. We meet on Wednesday Eving on the Subject of Sheriff if we could extricate Abrm. there can be no doubt of his success, I can say nothing in this letter about politics as I feel sick of this distressing business of Mr VAlens write me if you please by return of mail & if there will be time I will write you again

Yours affectionately


I say $5000 because you know Silvesters & one or two others Judgmt are not in <Exectn> & you Know the bank debt

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Source: PPRF Rosenbach Museum & Library
Collection: N/A
Series: Series 1 (5 December 1782-31 December 1811)