MVB to Levi Woodbury, 2 October 1833

MVB to [Levi Woodbury], 2 October 1833


My dear Sir

I regret that there should have been any misunderstanding in regard to young Irving. Finding that Mr Bloodgood was already in the Marine Corps, & that it was a purser appointmt only that he wanted I wrote you that Irving would accept the <lieutenancy> which you informed <illegible> & could be given <illegible> if it was decided. Being informed by your reply that you would <bring> his name before the President on his return I informed Mr W. Irving that he might regard the appointment as made, unless the President should object which was not at all, I thought, probable. I did not know <illegible> <illegible> the situation of Mr. Bloodgood, & it is probably to that omission that the delay is attributable. Wishing to be kindly remembered to Mrs. W. I am

Very cordially yours

M VanBuren

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