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MVB to [William Learned] Marcy, 3 May 1833

My dear Sir

I had anticipated the difficulties you have had to contend with, & have endeavored to appease Mr <Meigs> who feels very sore. Forsythe will be up in June & I will show him your letter. Things have not worked favourably in this respect, but we cannot always do all we wish. The President will be here about the first of June, & go as far east as Portland, thence across to Burlington & so to Albany by the way of the <illegible>. This was the course suggested by me, but from my imperfect knowledge of the country & <coast> it may be a <illegible>. If not he will come from Albany to West Point & return to the former place & from there to Niagiara &c. I should say that he will probably be in <Albany> at the 10th. of July. You ought certainly to be there. I should inform you more particularly hereafter. You have I think <gotten> through the session remarkably well. Remember me very kindly to Mrs. Marcy & believe me to be

Very truly yours


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Source: NHi, New-York Historical Society
Collection: Miscellaneous Manuscripts, V (NHi)
Series: Series 7 (4 March 1833-3 March 1837)