MVB to James Alexander Hamilton, 5 April 1833

MVB to J[ames] A[lexander] H[amilton], 5 April 1833


My D Sir

I beg you to excuse me for not sooner acknowledging your kind offer in regard to the <Trust> Stock. There is so much <connexion> between all these stock transactions & the operations of the <Governments>, here, & at Albany, that I must keep free from them.

I hope you have so managed as to avoid much publicity in the course you have felt it of your duty to take agt. the appointment of Spicer. The application in his behalf could not well have been stronger, & it so happens that the principal opposition to him has proceeded from four or five gentlemen who themselves hold lucrative offices. Your own good sense will satisfy you of the effect such a circumstance is likely to have upon the rank & file. When I see you I will inform you how the motion stood when your communication was recd., & the ground on which it has been placed. Make my best respects to Mrs. & Miss Hamilton & Mr & Mrs <Ludlow> & believe me to be

Very truly yours

M.Van Buren

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