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MVB to A[ndrew] Jackson, 30 August 1833

My dear Sir,

I send you the “Expose”, with such modifications as have suggested themselves to my mind. It goes over in part the same objections which are contained in your letter to Mr Duane, and but this circumstance is of no importance, if explained as I have attempted to do. The correspondence with Mr Duane ought I think by all means to be made a part of the submission. Taken together, they will constitute, in regular connexion, a series of arguments which cannot fail to produce a decided, and overwhelming effect upon the public mind. <illegible> I have attempted an apt introduction to the very strong remarks upon the subject of aristocracy, & which will may be of some service in giving full weight to those very just suggestions, with other modifications of the propriety of which you will judge. The whole will make a sett of very strong papers. It was my intention to have given you at the same time my views upon the question of time, but Mr Wright has not met me at Oswego, or written me there, one of which I confidently expected. You shall hear from me immediately after my arrival at Albany, which will be in a day or two, & in person ^before you call^ your cabinet ^together^, as you will doubtless insist upon having them al^l^together ^together^. The reasons upon the subject of the <illegible> Land Bill I will bring with me in October when I come down to set my house in order. I rejoice to hear of the improvement in your health & beg to be affectionately remembered to all your Household.

Yr friend


Printed in CAJ, 5:173

Source: DLC Library of Congress
Collection: Andrew Jackson Papers (DLC)
Series: Series 7 (4 March 1833-3 March 1837)