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MVB to William P[eter] Van Ness, 9 December 1808

D Friend,

Our mutual friend Mr Ludlow has represented to me his extreme necessity for some money, his unavailing attempts to obtain ^it^ & his Total inability to get it from any other quarter than from you, of all of which I am truly sensible, and has further solicited me to prevail on you to help him. If it is in your power to do it I wish you would help him as he really wants it, and wishes at all events to call on you in a manner least calculated to hurt your feelings. I should not think myself Justifyable in interfering in this Business was it n[ot th]at Mr Ludlow has stated to me that in the event of his not getting the money his necessity will compel him to put the note in Suit.

Yours sincerly


N.B. If he can rely on having it by the 20th. it will do, he has on that day two Business notes due in the Bank of Columbia where he expects no <favor> his case is one that really merits attention

Your frien

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Source: PPRF Rosenbach Museum & Library
Collection: N/A
Series: Series 1 (5 December 1782-31 December 1811)