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Levi Woodbury to the receivers of public moneys in Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Michigan, Arkansas, and Florida, 6 August 1834


For the mutual accommodation of the public officers and creditors in your neighborhood, and of yourself and the Treasury Department, I propose hereafter to direct warrants in their favor to yourself, for payment, when desired by them.

It will be in your power, also, before a warrant is obtained by them, and whenever you have confidence in their honesty and solvency, to take an assignment or draft by them, in your favor, of their supposed claim on the Treasury; to pay its amount, and, on its being forwarded here, to receive a warrant in your own behalf for the sum due. All the warrants paid in the manner first stated, or received in your own name, will be ample vouchers in your behalf on the settlement of your accounts; and, in this way, the officers and creditors of the Government will often be saved travel and expense; you will have to make less frequent deposites, and at less hazard, as the balance on hand to be deposited at the end of each month will probably, in this way, become considerably reduced; and the department will have the satisfaction of obliging others, through its own officers, without increasing sensibly the risk or labors of any.

You will please to notify such public officers and creditors as live near you, of the existence of this arrangement, in order that they may, if convenient and agreeable, take advantage of its benefits.

I am very respectfully,

Your obedient servant,


Sec'y of the Treasury.

P. S. You will take receipts on the bottom of the warrants paid, and return the warrants and receipts to this department monthly.

L. W.

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Source: SDoc U.S. Congress, Senate, Senate Documents
Collection: N/A
Series: Series 7 (4 March 1833-3 March 1837)