MVB to Samuel Smith, 17 November 1824

MVB to S[amuel] Smith, 17 November 1824


My dear Sir,

You will have heard of our fate in part before this reaches you, & have seen, that we have been substantially defeated, by the unyielding opposition of Mr Clays friends. The ultra Claymen yesterday voted for seven of our ticket, in the place of an equal number of Clintonians on the Adams ticket, & the former were elected. Our assurances as to the votes of the seven are ample, & satisfactory. Four of them were violently opposed, by Mr Clays friends, untill their ticket was excluded. To day, we have by a vote of 81 to 74 elected four more of our firmest men. Eighty one is the smallest vote we expected yesterday, & if men had preserved their faith we would have had them. This last question was an unmixed one, between Crawford & Adams, & shews what the sense of the State is upon that point. Eighteen of the supporters of Mr Clay went agt. us on the last vote, & ^but only^ about two thirds of the total numbers were men who have acted with us in State politics. We have had to contend single handed, agt. the combined forces of Adams, Clay, Jackson, Clinton, Yates, Young, & Porter, & after a two week canvass of unprecedented severity they have succeeded in defeating part of our ticket, by two votes, assuming that the blanks were properly rejected. The latter were given by our men, who had been frightend by the scenes through which we have passed, but who voted with us to day. Our friends were all anxious & willing to have nominated Mr Clay for V. President, but his friends would not listen to it. Make my best respects to Mrs Smith & Miss Spear

your friend



M. Van Buren

17 Nov. 1824.


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