MVB to Samuel Smith, 7 August 1824

MVB to Samuel Smith, 7 August 1824


My dear Sir,

The "long agony is over & the Bourbons are not restored." Notwithstanding the strong public indications of dissatisfaction with the conduct of the Gov. the opposition came on the ground entirely confident of success. A deliberate plan to overawe the Legislature has been formed & to carry it into effect every species of violence & intrigue has been resorted to. Individuals were repeatedly denounced on the floor and once by name as dictating to the Legislature, but the opposition overacted & their conduct recoiled on themselves with ruinous effect. In the Senate the affair was soon over. That body will finally unite with the exception of four or five. In the house there were several members who having pledged themselves to support the electoral law insisted with some propriety that they ought on any occasion to express their willingness to do so. The passage of the resolution to that effect was for a moment regarded by the opposition as evidence of a succession from the party & such boisterous & savage exaltation being seldom witnessed. The first opportunity was embraced to remove that impression, & silence the noisy boasting of our adversaries by a direct vote of censure. This they had not anticipated & from the introduction of the resolution they cowered under apprehensions of its passage & effect. The result you have seen; but the personal effect produced you can scarcely imagine. The political whipsters who crowded the Hall & annoyed the members by their impertinent rants were seen sneaking off in all directions confounded & abashed. Our friends on the contrary evinced their gratification at this renewed evidence of the constancy of the Legislature by our ostentations, but heartfelt Congratulations & the republican members left Town in fine Spirits. From the appearance of the opposition paper this morning, I have some hopes that no further attempts will be made to deceive the nation as to the Course of this State on the Presidential question

Should it be otherwise they must be unavailing.

That N. York will support the nomination at Washington, which has been made pursuant to her advice is not to be doubted.

With great respect & sincere

esteem your hble



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