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MVB, Senate remarks on purchase of congressional journals, 10 May 1824

The resolution reported by the Committee on the Judiciary, authorizing the purchase of six hundred and fifty copies of Way & Gideon's edition of the Journals of the Old Congress, from 1774 to 1788, for the use of Congress, was taken up for consideration in Committee of the Whole. Mr. Johnson of Kentucky spoke in favor of, and Mr. Dickerson opposed it. Mr. Lowrie moved to amend the resolution by striking out six hundred and fifty, and inserting three hundred. Mr. Taylor, of Virginia, advocated the passage of the resolution. The amendment was agreed to. Some remarks were made upon the resolution as to the quality of this edition and the distribution of the copies by Messrs. King of New York, Van Buren, Elliott, Smith, Eaton, Holmes of Me., Hayne, and Lanman. The resolution was then reported to the Senate as amended, and passed to be engrossed and read the third time.

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Source: <em>Annals of Congress</em>
Collection: N/A
Series: Series 4 (3 December 1821-31 December 1824)