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MVB Senate remarks on Senate seating arrangement, 17 April 1828

Mr. VAN BUREN suggested whether [it] would not be more advisable to let the resol[u]tion lay on the table, for the present, and ta[ke] it up nearer to the close of the Session. [He] presumed it was not contemplated by the ge[n]tleman from S. Carolina, that the seats shou[ld] be changed during the present session, a[nd] therefore no inconvenience could result fro[m] the postponement of the subject, in favor [of] objects of more importance.

*    *    *

Mr. VAN BUREN felt himself in the s[. . .] situation with the gentleman from N. Carol[ina] for he too had experienced the advantage of the new arrangement. The change of the [. . .] had not been made without great considera[tion]. Inconveniences doubtless exists; but cert[ainly] not so great as formerly. Under the old arra[nge]ment, the Vice-President had his back to [the] gallaries, he consequently could not have [. . .] so capable of preserving order there as [. . .] He would again submit to the gentleman [from] S. Carolina, whether it would not be bett[er to] delay his resolution till towards the close o[f the] session.

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Source: United States' Telegraph (Washington, DC)
Collection: N/A
Series: Series 5 (1 January 1825-3 March 1829)