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MVB Senate remarks on U.S.-British intercourse, 2 March 1827

The bill to regulate the intercourse between the United States and the British Colonies, was returned from the other House with amendments.

Mr. JOHNSTON, of Lou., moved that the Senate agree to the amendments.

On motion of Mr. VAN BUREN, the bill was ordered to lie on the table until the afternoon.

*    *    *

On motion of Mr. JOHNSTON, of Louisiana, the Senate took up the amendment of the other House to the bill to regulate the intercourse between the United States and the Colonies of Great Britain.

Mr. JOHNSTON, of Louisiana, moved that the Senate concur in the amendment of the House; which he explained at considerable length.

Mr. BERRIEN opposed the amendment.

Mr. HOLMES moved to amend the amendment, so as to make the prohibition to extend to all places in North America. Mr. TAZEWELL opposed the amendment, which was explained by Mr. HOLMES, and modified by Mr. BERRIEN. The ayes and noes were asked by Mr. VAN BUREN.

Mr. TAZEWELL moved to strike out the latter clause of the amendment of the other House.

On this motion considerable discussion took place between Messrs. TAZEWELL, HOLMES, VAN BUREN, and SANFORD.

Mr. HOLMES withdrew his motion.

Mr. BERRIEN offered to amend the amendment of the House, by striking out the clause providing for a prohibition.

This motion was debated at some length by Messrs. WOODBURY, EDWARDS, REED, BERRIEN, CHAMBERS, and VAN BUREN, when the question was taken, and the motion of Mr. BERRIEN rejected by the following vote:

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Source: Daily National Intelligencer (Washington, DC)
Collection: N/A
Series: Series 5 (1 January 1825-3 March 1829)