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MVB to Nathaniel Pitcher, 13 February 1827


I have received the resolution of the senate, appointing me a senator to represent the state in the senate of the congress of the United States, after the third of March next, and have to ask permission to communicate to the senate, through you, my acceptance of the office.

Relying on the indulgence of the senate, and in justice to my own feelings, I avail myself of the opportunity thus presented, to say, that having considered my first appointment as an evidence of confidence and liberality to which my public services could have given me no pretension, I cannot but regard my re-appointment, under existing circumstances, and with such gratifying unanimity, as an act of favour demanding the expression of my utmost gratitude. I do assure the senate, that I am deeply sensible of the honour which has been conferred upon me: and to justify their confidence, i[t] shall be my constant and zealous endeavour to protect the remainingt righs reserved to the states by the federal constitution, to restore those of which[h] they have been divested b[y] construction; and t[o] promote the interests and honour of our commo[n] country.

With great respect,

Your obedient servant,


Another copy enclosed in A. T. Goodman to MVB, 10 March 1862. 

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Source: Albany (NY) Argus
Collection: N/A
Series: Series 5 (1 January 1825-3 March 1829)