MVB to Judith Rives, 21 February 1829

MVB to [Judith] Rives, 21 February 1829


My dear friend

I have looked for the "continuation" with a degree of impatience that has prevented me from discharging a duty imposed as well by the laws of gallantry as gratitude, that is to make my warmest acknowledgments for your kind favour. If I could deceive myself so much as to believe that I am entitled to half the compliments, which with characteristic delicacy you pay me, it would give me more pleasure than all the rewards of political ambition could afford. Your letter has been to me a green spot in the midst of a desert of political cares. Let me beg of you the favour to conclude it before you leave for your happy home, & to believe that there are few persons in this world for whom I entertain sentiments of more sincere & warm sentiment than I do for yourself, & your worthy husband.

Very truly yours


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