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MVB Senate remarks on the judiciary, 9 January 1826

Mr. VAN BUREN, from the Committee on the Judiciary, to whom was referred so much of the President’s Message as related to the Judiciary, together with the several resolutions which had been submitted on that subject, rose to make a report. The subject of amending the Judicial System of the United States had, he said, been before that committee for the last two or three sessions, and had always proved a matter of great difficulty. During the last session of Congress the Judiciary Committee of the Senate had reported a bill “to increase the number of Associate Judges from six to nine, and of the Circuits from seven to ten,” which, together with an extension of the time for holding the term of the Supreme Court, was all the improvements that were then contemplated. That bill was discussed, and received the assent of a majority of the Senate, but was not finally acted on for want of time. The committee had again considered the subject, and had bestowed on it all the attention which its importance required: and a majority of the committee had concluded to report a bill containing similar provisions with that which was reported last session; although they believed it not to be free from objections, still it was less objectionable than any the committee were able to devise. What was of still more importance, they believed it was a measure which was likely to succeed; and this opinion was strengthened by the fact that a bill containing substantially similar provisions had been reported by the Judiciary Committee of the other House, where it had apparently been received with favor, and partly acted on.

Mr. VAN BUREN then reported the bill “further to amend the Judicial system of the United States;” and the bill “altering the time of holding the session of the Supreme Court of the United States;” which were read, and passed to a second reading.

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Source: <em>Register of Debates</em>
Collection: N/A
Series: Series 5 (1 January 1825-3 March 1829)