MVB to Levi Woodbury, 9 December 1834

[Levi] Woodbury to MVB, 9 December 1834

my dear Sir,

I was upon the point of sending the paper. It is a great store house of profound reflection & highly useful matters. But the more I reflect upon it the more I am convinced that you owe it to yourself—to the subject, & the country to bring it into such a form as to secure its insertion in the Country papers, & a thorough reading by the whole people. This would I think be done by taking in the first instance only so much of it as precedes about page sixty five with perhaps one or two of the subsequent views having a direct bearing on the same points. Such a document by the side of the <gov> coin Bills would not fail to complete ^give assent to^ the public opinion upon the subject of the Bank & do infinite service to the Country.

in haste very

Truly yours


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