MVB to Judith Rives, 29 December 1834

MVB to [Judith] Rives, 29 December 1834


My dear Madam

Our good friend Mrs. Van Rensselaer has been kind enough to commit the enclosed to my care. From her being still at Albany, I presume, although she says nothing about it, that the idea of spending the winter at Philadelphia has been abandoned. It is unnecessary to say how much pleasure it will give me to forward your dispatch to her. Mrs. Donelson tells me that you and Mr Rives have promised to pay her a visit in the course of the winter. I think a few weeks might be made agreeable here to Mr. Rives & yourself I am quite certain that it would be so to your friends. Washington never was so free from political excitement. The gaiety has commenced but the politicians are comparatively idle. I hope from appearances that there is a reasonable prospect of the election for Senator in Virginia will be postponed until the next session. That would in my opinion be a very desirable result in all respects. Mr. Rives will take much interest in the late extraordinary results in Europe. Thank him for his interesting letter, & say to him that it will give me much pleasure to hear his speculations upon the probable effect here of the recent movements in France & England. I see by the tenor of his letter that he is not precisely satisfied with the Message in what it says of the French affair. It will all end well. Excuse me for mixing so much politics in my letter to you. I am hard pressed for time & it enables me to speak to Mr Rives & yourself in the same breath.

With kind regards to your husband

believe me to be

very truly yours


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