MVB to Levi Woodbury, 6 November 1834

MVB to L[evi] Woodbury, 6 November 1834


My dear Sir

Your friend Mr Croswell. He is the celebrated Harry, formerly Editor of the Balance, now the Episcopal Clergyman at New Haven. The President knows <illegible> <illegible> <illegible> very kind feeling towards him. If you can do any thing for him I know you will do it with pleasure. I believe we have given the opposition as sound a drubbing as they deserve. Our accounts are however as yet <very> limited. <illegible> Majority will be very large, unless we are disappointed in the <illegible>. Our great difficulty has been to keep our Congress number good. The three districts I thought we might lose were Lansings (this) Piersons (Republican) & Waddells (Jefferson). We have literally astounded them by beating them in this old Federal Manor County. <illegible> They would not have given any thing to have been assured success, but we have re-elected Lansing by about the same majority he won before, at all accnts by about between 1 & 2 hundred; & have quadrupled Marcys majty. In this City we have reduced their majority more than half. Pierson is in trouble. The City of Troy gave 465 agt. him & the country Towns have brot it up to within 55 one Town to be heard from which in 1832 gave us less than 50. If it was an old Democratic Town I should feel safe but it is a new Convert. The County was formerly Federal, & is a manor County besides. We shall see. Bockee, Brown VanDerpoel & Cramer are reelected. If we have a tolerable chance for one or two in the <infected> District & upon the whole I think the chances now are that we shall hold our own—which in 32 was every District in the State to which we had the slightest pretension.

In haste yours truly


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