MVB to Enos Thompson Throop, 17 September 1834

MVB to [Enos Thompson] Throop, 17 September 1834



My dear Sir

I am gratified to perceive that you take so considerable an interest in the case of young O <Sullivan>. He is one of the <illegible> & worthiest youths I ever knew. Gov Dickerson is a very kind hearted man & will be very ready to all he can possible <to> promote the wishes of your correspondent. It is <illegible> most proper from the <relationship> in which I stand to the Government & the <way> that the matter should be <forth> brought to his notice through any ^some^ other channel than myself. This you may desire to be done through your <correspondence> without letting him or any other person know that you have heard from me upon the subject.

I am Dr Sir

very truly yours


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