MVB to William Cabell Rives, 14 July 1834

MVB to W[illiam] C[abel] Rives, 14 July 1834


My dear sir

I leave here in the morning, & have deferred writing to you until the last moment. We have seen the accounts of recent movements here and will I believe be able to make a fair estimate of them without any speculation from me, If I had time to make them. The Cabinet will be a united one, in which part there is a great much power & virtue. The men are all respectable in point of talent & of excellent dispositions. The adjournment of Congress took place under circumstances indisputably gratifying to the friends of the administration, and in the same degree discouraging to the adversary. Our accounts from the entire north & west are very cheering, & I think entirely to be relied upon. Nyork is to be made the great battle ground, & the opposition admit that if they cannot beat us there now, the contest will on their part be a hopeless one for the future. They will spend a mint of money, & will disturb the foundations of society but will not be able, I trust, to defeat us. Upon the subject of your running for the House of Representatives in the event of your not being appointed Senator, it is not necessary to speak at so early a day. There are views that may be taken of it, which woud give the House a preference, in certain contingencies, over the Senate. But of this we will talk hereafter. Cant you visit Saratoga about the first of August. I should be most happy to see Mrs. Rives & yourself there, & would urge it upon you, most strenuously, if I were quite sure that you can with safety leave the State this summer. Think of it & let me know. Address to Albany & believe me to be

Very truly yours

in haste

M.Van Buren

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