MVB to Levi Woodbury, 28 July 1834

MVB to L[evi] Woodbury, 28 July 1834

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My dear Sir,

Mr Taney & Mr Young <illegible> understand this case, & will cheerfully give you all the information you may require. It is <illegible> ^one^ deserving attention, & I sincerely hope you may have it in your power to do justice to Mr <illegible> (who is a worthy man, & faithful public officer,) <on> the <premises>. If the law (as is supposed) deprives him of the anticipated fees, I can see no objection to allowing him the pay of an Inspector, & if his present appointment is not sufficient for that purpose it can be made so. As it is, he is devoting his time to the public without compensation, & has been doing so since his appointment.

I am Dr Sir

In haste

very truly yours


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