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[John Van Buren] to MVB, [cJune 1834]

My dear father,

I stopped on my way up & spent part of ^the next^ Sunday & Monday after I left you, with the Surrogate. He promised to send you the money of which you spoke to me & which I never have had. He has probably attended to the matter before this.

If you head up in this month, I shall hardly be able to come down to Washn. so soon as the 30th. My arm still continues very sore, but I trust, Doctor Wendell & myself will be able to bring it to, ‘ere long. The eruption extended itself all over my legs on my way home, so that I arrived here, a fitter tenant of an hospital than a lawyer’s office. I have since physicked & kept perfectly quiet, with the exception of an excursion to long Island, to begger myself by backing Captn. Stockton's Shark against Col. Johnson's Trifle. I never was so sure of the result of a race in my life. Everything else aside, I tho't the politics of the owners was enough to give Stockton the money. But his horse was out of fix & was dead beat evidently before he had run half a mile. Shark will rank Eclipse next fall or there is no faith in horseflesh.

Do you purpose visiting the Western part of this state this fall? If yes what time? I partially promised Wadsworth to come to his place this summer & I wholly promised his wife (Miss Wharton to send or bring you there. I <could> only be absent from here the last of July & the first of August. Our circuit is in September when I am happy to say I have some causes to try. Croswell will probably have a couple of libel suits at issue by then & I found others for the Bank which ^all^ requiring attention & preparation. I have never been to Montreal & Quebec & am under a quasi engagement to go there that way in august. But I shall go nowhere unless I am well & should prefer going with you.

I was home in time to secure the Judge's money & worried the Defendants out of the cash without a trial, much to the old gentleman's joy!

The course taken by the House, in disposing of Clay's Resolutions gives great satisfaction. The Opposition really hoped that that House would pass them. Dare they the Senate reject Stevenson? I wish they may.

Tell Cam. the Regency noted his neglect & have commented upon it, down to the Major. Master Smith has written me lately & says that he & Mr. L.

[Written in left-hand margin on pg. 3]

were just (6th. May) starting for the Netherlands. Mat. came to New York while I was there at the races & commenced his diplomatic career after his Washn. education by giving Huygens Mrs. Rives’ journal to read!! Don’t tell the Major, he'll die.

[Written in left-hand margin on pg. 2]

P.S. Martin rescued the Journal, at my insistence, before much harm could have been done. Huygens has been discharged from arrest (or rather Bleecker's bail bond cancelled) on motion.

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Source: PSt Pennsylvania State University, Pattee Library
Collection: Alexander Duer Harvey Collection of Martin Van Buren Correspondence, 1814-1866 (PSt)
Series: Series 7 (4 March 1833-3 March 1837)