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MVB to W[illiam] C[abell] Rives, 26 April 1834

my dear Sir

Mr Wright has shewn me your letter in which you desire to be informed of the Nyork charter election. The enclosed will give you a tolerably correct account of it, which do not give yourself the trouble to return. Have no fear about Nyork. We shall have a fierce contest but we shall always conquer them. Their efforts in the City can never be so successful again. I send you also the proceedings of one of our Counties. Resolutions respecting yourself similar to that enclosed are passed by all the Counties. You ought to take the Albany Argus which is our "Enquirer".

How is it in Virginia? I had written thus far when the Major comes in & gives me doleful tidings enough & sufficient to induce a strong belief at least, that you have been beaten. Well so be it. We have only to hold on & we shall ultimately triumph. I fear I shall have to clothe Mr. Clay next winter & what is much worse be subjected to a disappointment in your failure for which I am not, I assure you, prepared. But sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof. I will wait until we get all the news & have one pang of it. Our friend Hatch (who <enters> deeply in your feelings & interests) showed me a letter from Mrs. Rives with the perusal of which I was highly gratified. Remember me very Kindly to her & believe me to be

Very truly yours


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Source: DLC Library of Congress
Collection: William C. Rives Papers (DLC)
Series: Series 7 (4 March 1833-3 March 1837)