John Van Buren to MVB, 11 March 1834

J[ohn] Van Buren to MVB, 11 March [1834]

New York

My dear Father,

The young Patroon left here to day for Washington: he professes to be a Van Buren man indeed, openly declares himself so; but he don't know what the term m[eans] he <ridicules> the Safety Funds, abuses the Bank Commissioners, says we ^he and the <each> of us^ are all federalists, laughs at the President, loves the Banks & is against the removal of the Deposits! You know that at home he would do us much more hurt than good by supporting our ticket at the Elections & therefore pray keep him at arm's length. If you endorse him at all at Washington, his nonsense will do more hurt there than the whole family could cure. The Old man still holds on in the faith, I believe, but if they get up an Opposn meeting in Albany, as I believe they intend doing, I fear the old man will go by the board.

What do you think about this Bank, a great many of the objections to a Unid. States B. have no force agst. a State Bank <illegible> & <illegible>

The Oppo. are <illegible> ^in^ with him to get from him such declarations as will enable them to support him for mayor. I called on him last night & altho’ he steered mighty clear of all delicate points. I staid but a few minutes however & may be mistaken in the conclusion to which I came, which was that he will not make himself offensive to the Oppo.

There is much talk here of a change in public sentiment yet the General & some of our timid men admit the charges. None of them however have changed themselves, not a single prominent man has changed & where the D—l the change is, I confess, puzzles me. In the country we shall undoubtedly be stronger than ever. The true men on our side never were in better spirits nor fuller of fight & if we can't beat the Bank now when the <possessors> of its power to do harm have become <history>, we may as well give up.

In haste

Yours very truly

JVan Buren

P.S. <Saul> Alley says he told you before the Dep. were removed that it wd. be a bad step: but he <sd>. rather that all Pearl St & half Wall St. shd. <illegible>, than that the Dep. shd. be restored.

P.S. I dare not go back to Albany & see Sutherland tho’ I am convinced Price’s appt. is much better under the circumstances than his.

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