MVB to James Alexander Hamilton, 11 February 1834

MVB to James A[lexander] Hamilton, 11 February 1834


my dear Sir

The extreme pressure of my avocations has hitherto prevented me from saying what I ought long since to have done, that I appreciate aright your motives in the letters you have written me upon the subject of the profession & that although we may not agree upon all points I shall never think otherwise than well of your disposition & intentions.

The President informed me some days since that he had written you & will see by the Globe of this morg a repetition of his views. The times will be hard & the struggle a great one, but the patriotism and fortitude of the people will triumph over all obstacles. Be sure of it. Remember me kindly to Mrs. H & the family & to Mr & Mrs Ludlow.

Yours truly

in haste,


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Printed in Hamilton, Reminiscences, 280.