MVB to Rufus King, 18 July 1823

MVB to Rufus King, 18 July 1823


My dear Sir,

On the other side you have a Copy of a letter this day received from the Secretary of the Navy with a sketch of one I propose to send in answer on which I wish your advice. It is evident that Monroe is averse to going the whole length to which is young advisers in Nyork wish him to go & that to rescue himself from the embarrassment in, which he is placed Mr Thompson has some how been induced to accept the place.

It is my sincere desire to relieve him from difficulty as far as I can with propriety & I <long> you to consider the matter and suggest to me with <prudence> the course I ought to pursue and as far as is agreeable the terms in which you would advise me to express myself. I will of course wait your answer before I write to the Secretary.

With much esteem &

respect yours faithfully


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