MVB to Rufus King, 14 April 1823

MVB to R[ufus] King, 14 April 1823


My dear Sir,

Yours of the 1st I have this moment received. Mine to you, received before this, will excuse my seeming negligence in not acknowledging the receipt of yours containing the enclosure, although I fear it will still leave me deficient in not expressing with sufficient strength the extent of obligation conferred on me by the matters contained in that enclosure. There must be some mistake in the matter, as the Secretary of the Navys letter is on the 6th, & the one to you on the 7th. a few days will probably explain it. I have not advised with any one here on the subject, except your Son, & with him I had agreed, in one event, to give an entertainment to my friend & them to communicate the matter with my determination consequent thereon. But I apprehend that the P. will not find it in his nature to do the thing well. Habitual indecision and intercourse with court parasites make great havoc in the capacity of a man to behave well on special occasions. There was one sentiment in my last which on reflection I condemn, I should not suffer the termination in any event to affect my course in any degree. I have not answered the Secty of the navys letter. Shall I do so & what shall I say.

Yours truly,


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Printed in King, Correspondence, 6:516.