MVB to Rufus King, 2 February 1820

MVB to Rufus King, 2 February 1820


My dear Sir,

Yours of the 25th. & 28th. have been duly received & I return you my thanks for your prompt attention to a subject so interesting to us. There has been a degree of coyness between our friends on this subject which has been troublesome to me. I was in hopes it would be peculiarly in your power to dispel it, as I know the extent of their confidence in & the warmth of their friendship for you. The Secretary is a man of the most perfect simplicity & frankness with his friends. The V. P. is equally sincere but his intercourse for so many years with the politician black-legs of our state has rendered him more circumspect. I rcd. last evening a long letter from the Secy in which he informs me that the vice President will stand & that he “is thus relieved from any reply to my confidential letter.” I write him by this mail soliciting him to authorise me (if the V. P. when he arrives here should wish to decline) to act for him according to my discretion, promising him that neither the Vice President nor any other person shall be informed of it if the event which would call for its promulgation does not happen. I commit it to your discretion to forward this application, in such manner as you shall think best.

We had yesterday a severe contest on joint ballot for regent and succeeded in appointing our good friend W.A. Duer Esq. by a majority of three. This is a bitter pill for our adversaries & most gratefull to the feelings of Mr Duer & his friends.

It will give me pleasure to communicate to you from time to time what ever may transpire here of Interest.

Yours affectionately



Van Buren

2d feb. 1820

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Printed in King, Correspondence, 6:265.