MVB to Rufus King, 23 March 1820

MVB to Rufus King, 23 March 1820

My dear Sir,

I have only time to say that since the receipt of yours I have seen the Vice President & stated to him what I understood was reported as his opinion on the Missouri question & he informed me that he had never entertained or expressed the sentiments attributed to him. That he did not think that the restriction unconstitutional nor had he ever questioned its expediency. At some future day I will give you my Ideas upon the question of the expediency of making this a party question. I am persuaded that notwithstandg the people of this state feel have felt a strong interest in the question, the excitement which exists in regard to it or which is likely to arise from it is not so great as you suppose.

With great respect & esteem

In very great haste

I am yours cordially



Van Buren

23 Mar. 1820

Tompkins not agt. <South>

<because> <illegible> nor the expediency

of Restricting Missouri

Ansd. 27th 1820

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Printed in King, Correspondence, 6:322.