MVB to Rufus King, 12 March 1820

MVB to Rufus King, 12 March 1820

My dear Sir,

I enclose you a report which I am told is highly satisfactory to our friends & annoying to our enemies. I have written rather a scolding or fretting letter to the Secy of the Navy to day in the hope of rousing the torpid & hair splitting men at W. to take ground in our favour & have omitted to speak as favorably of our prospects as I might with to propriety have done. I can with perfect sincerity assure you “that I have no apprehension left as to the success of the Vice President & all that is necessary to make but his majority overwhelming is a strong & unqualifyd expression of your sentiments. As to the main question on that subject I say nothing because I have no right to say any thing, but if you should think proper to aid us in that way I will take the liberty of suggesting that for many & cogent reasons it is desirable that that expression should be as strong & pointed as may be agreeable to you. The circumstance of Mr. <Knower> & Mr. Coleman having intercepted the publication of your letter on the subject of Millers affair has leaked out & produced some excitement.

There has been no period since last fall when it was more in your power to enlist the best feelings of the democracy of this State from the present & there are particular Interests which I will hereafter explain to you connected with the choice of Representatives & in wh[ich] our best friends have an Interest which will be subserved by it in an eminent degree.

You see I speak unreservedly to you. I do so because I have the fullest confidence in your friendship & partiality for me. In a few days I will write you again & more at large.

In great haste yours




[In the hand of Rufus King]

Van Buren

12 Mar 1820

my open agency wanted

Ansd. 17. confidentially stating the

opinion here that the V.P. has doubts

and of the constitutl. power, & also

of the expediency of restraining Slavery.

My opinion wholly dift. The question

likely & ought to become a deep one

in respect to if opinion of the northern States

will swallow up all other Divisions 

shd. be satisfied if NYork be divided.

To be shewn in Confid. to John!

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Printed in King, Correspondence, 6:304.