MVB to George Bancroft, 8 May 1844

MVB to G[eorge] Bancroft, 8 May 1844



my dear Sir

I have not hitherto had time to say how highly I was gratified by the portions of your work which I have seen. In a word the thing could not have been better done, or more to my liking by human power. I am happy to find that you think well of the letter, as it respects the force with which the views it expresses are stated. That was all the option I had in the matter. Of the expediency of advancing them, having reference only to the election, there was certainly room for doubt, but that was a consideration which I was not at liberty to embrace. I did it with my eyes fully open to the possible outbreak in the quarter where it has occurred, but I am sincerely as well satisfied with my course now as when it was adopted.

I shall, I am sure, be greatly benefitted by your good <comment> on several grave points, & hope your Mrs B & yourself will do us the favor to pay us a visit for a few days early next week. If you will let me know when you will be at the Depo. I will send my carriage for you. Dont fail. Remember me kindly to Mrs B. & believe me to be

very sincerely

your friend

M. VanBuren

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Printed in Ford, "Van Buren-Bancroft Correspondence," 427 (excerpt).