MVB to Rufus King, 9 May 1823

MVB to Rufus King, 9 May 1823


My dear Sir,

I shall, accidents excepted be down about the 20th., & will bring my two sons with me, the oldest to indulge him a little & then send him to West Point, & the next to leave at Jamaica; provided a letter which I expected before this, to have received from Mr. John A King should warrant my doing so. I want very much to visit Boston, but am equally anxious to avoid the imputation of going there on a political visit. I know but one way in which that can certainly be done, & that is to go in company with you. For that & other reasons, unnecessary to mention, it would be a source of great gratification to me, if your business & inclination ^did^ admit of your going. I must be here on the 30th June, to accompany Judge Duer on his first circuit after the <cases.>

Will you be good enough to let me hear from you on the subject. I have not said anything on the subject of Mr. Gracies misfortunes & the trouble they give to you, but I hope you are sensible that I have not felt the loss on the unpleasant occasion. Nothing new here. Govr Yates or the "Administration" as he calls himself and is called by the Wags, keep close in Lydias Street, where I believe he enjoys otium cum dignitate without molestation as I never see him or any body who does.

Yours truly


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Printed in King, Correspondence, 6:529-530.