Philip S. Parker to Elkanah Watson, 21 January 1814

Philip S. Parker to Elkanah Watson, 21 January 1814


To Elkanah Watson Esquire

The President of the United States having ordered a General Court Martial for the Trial of Gen. Hull, and it being suggested that your Evidence will be material in the case, I am authorised and directed to Summon you immediately to appear, on behalf of the United States, before the General Court Martial, at the City of Albany, in the State of New-York.

I am further authorised to assure you, that the reasonable expences of your journey to, and at the place of Trial, and back, will be paid by the United States.

Philip S. Parker

Judge Advocate in the Army of the United States.

I am further authorised and directed to require you to bring with you and produce on the Trial abo[ve] mentioned all Letters or other written Communicatio[ns] from the said William Hull to you wherein he gives the State, Condition and force under his [. . .]

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MVB added the postscript in his own handwriting.