John Van Buren to MVB, 1 October 1838

J[ohn] Van Buren to MVB, 1 October 1838


My dear father,

Please forward the enclosed to Mr. <Clarke>. I am detained here, <when> I came to look at the Liverpool, <preferred> going in her, or rather before determining. My health is recovering slowly & I am obliged to be very careful. I have very imprudently accepted an invitation to stay a day or two in the course of this week with Sir. W. Wynn at Wynnstay near here, in Wales. He is a great roysterer & is called the King of Wales, & I am stopping to get strong enough to venture in his clutches. I go tomorrow at all hazards & hope to be able to keep on from him (he is near Wrexham) to Holyhead & Dublin & then take <illegible> in my way down to London. I dine & stay the night with Ogden over the river. Wynn invites me for a week, but I shall, certainly, not stay over two or three days. I have some business at Leamington with Clarke's father which will keep me a day or two & I intend if so determined to pass a day with Lord Hatherton, Teddesley Hall in Staffordshire.

I am bending every thing to get off on the 20th. which will get me home to vote: but absolutely go on the 27th. in the Gt. Western at all hazards, I am more anxious to get home since I see how the opposition papers potter about my movements; tho' I can't believe such twaddle is that of Noah’s for instance could effect anything. Tell Smith, you need not be the least alarmed about my foreign accomplishments, mustachios &c. I have done nothing in the hair line but meekly follow in my father’s footsteps, by growing a pair of moderately sized red whiskers: in doing which, I have encountered the same difficulty that Irving said I met with in law: he said I had to catch up to you & keep out of the way of Smith. In regulating the size of my whiskers, I have not caught up to you, but have kept out of the way of Martin[.] Give my love to the Major. I hope he is married 'ere this to something. Tell him I would do what Noah wants or fears, except that the Duke of Northumberland has no daughters that ever I heard of & the Duke of Lancaster is a bachelor.

In great haste Yours truly


P.S. I should write more, but if I go on the 20th. I shall be home, barring accidents, before this letter. J.V.B.

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