John Van Buren to MVB, 5 December 1834

J[ohn] V[an] B[uren] to MVB, 5 December 1834

My dear Sir,

Jeremiah <illegible> who bought half of your Staats farm, with a right of way (as he says) over the other half, has got at War with his neighbour who bought the other half & he wants you to give him a deed for the right of way, as he says, the articles of argument between you & him, binds you to do. No mention is made in his deed of a right of way. I suppose it was forgotten. He is anxious to hear as soon as possible about it & if you will write me, I will let him know yr. determination. Every body is delighted with the message & Dr. <illegible> is here on a visit.

Yrs truly


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