John Van Buren to MVB, 20 February 1834

J[ohn] V[an] B[uren] to MVB, 20 February 1834

My dear Father,

I had a conversation the other day with the Patroon, in which he came out most decidedly & warmly against the U. S. Bank. Said he had supported it as long as he could but was now convinced it was an impolitic & improper Institution &c &c He stopped me in the street to say so & seemed very much in earnest.

It occurred to me that if the Opposition got "stirred all <h_ll> & got up a meeting" here (as <Selden> wrote) the P. might be induced to preside at a counter meeting that we <illegible> <illegible> hold. But as it is determined not to move on and our side unless the Bank-ites lead off & as they are still, we have done nothing.

The money market in NewYork is much easier & it seems generally understood that the panic makers “occupation is gone”.

Our Legislature is the most respectable body of men that ever assembled here, by unanimous admission. I doubt if a single bank paper ^certainly not more than three or four^ There was a strong application from Ithaca reported against by the Bank Comme. A motion was made to postpone considr. the Rep. of the Comm. but was lost. Another motion to reconsider the vote on <postpt.>, lost ^the Rept. was then adopted^ and for the last three or four days Mr Humphrey one of the ablest, if not the ablest man in the House the Rep. from Tompkins & sent here an <illegible> to get this very <Bank>, which had been twice before ^previous to^ this winter refused has been endeavoring to get the Report of the Come reconsidered. Today, however, the motion to reconsider was withdrawn, it having become apparent that it could not be carried. H. is a perfectly honest man & had gre & has great weight in the House. All this shows an excellent state of things. <Willes> (Mr Wrights friend from St. Lawrence) in on the Bank Come & has great influence. But Robt. Morris from his ready talent for speaking, conceded honesty, excellent temper & very considerable talent, leads the House. He is at the head of the Come & you will see by his Rept. is just right.* Can you not write him a compliment and his Report: at least, send him some documents.

Judge Sutherland is very sore about the Dis. attyship. He talked quite unreasonably to me about it at first, intimating that you suffered Talle. to claim you as his (J's) friend, without expressing any wish in favor of him (S.'s) success. That you had not answered his letter. That he supposed when he applied for a subordinate place like the D.A. aided by yr. good will, there cd. be no doubt of success. That he shd. be mortified at failing, &c &c &c I think I satisfied that you had done all & more than he cd. expect & left him easier. Get him the place for G_d's sake. T. has no claims & no man in N.Y. will pretend that he has. As for the other T's feelings as Judge S. says, he has no right to have any nor has he. Besides if he had, he has forfeited all claim to have them respected like another man's. There is no sympathy for Danl. T. & nobody will regret his failure. With the Judge it is directly the <illegible>. Dal. T. has been 3 or 4 years a resident of N.Y. & in that time has had one of the best offices there & has been at different times a candidate for all the rest, even for Superior C. Judge when his brother was serving the Senatorship with nothing to oppose him but the rooted suspicion which all demos. have of a Tallmadge. I am sure nobody can hesitate between T. & S. Martin is here & has drawn upon you for $10 thro' me. He goes home tonight. He encloses you a capital letter from Smith.

P.S. Tell Mr. B. Patterson has been here <moving> the Court to correct their desire in his case so as to bind that dead Executor, but the Court decided that the Record is out of their hands & cannot be demanded. Reynolds made the motion. Love to the Major. Tell him to watch that Wadsworth girl. Butler’s opinion will take some of the fat off of Senr. Clayton’s ribs if he means to get over it.


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*I mean his general principles. His auction system may not work well. Should I believe it to be good

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