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J[ohn] Van Buren to MVB, 2 June 1833

My dear Sir,

The enclosed papers from Vail & the Barings were here & I forward them. I retain Vanderpoels bill & will get the money <for> him. My account must be wrong inasmuch as the items are dated in Nov., 32 & we sailed in June, 32. However, if they are <illegible> I have about <illegible> an equal sum due me from the Barings on account, which you may draw for. Deduct my account from yr. debtor side, Draw for the balance & send Vail instructions to draw for my balance. I can not now lay my hand on the Certificate but think it about $2.10. It is mislaid, perhaps <illegible> friend has it.

Knower called on me this morning & told me that he & Olcott had determined (if I agreed) to make me a Director of the M. & F Bank & that he wd. transfer to my credit stock <illegible> to make me eligible.

Judge Vanderpoel tho’t it wd. do no harm & we both agreed it wd. do me good. For a year at least, I think it must be of service. It was entirely volunteered & unsought. Tho’ Knower offered it (<at> <times> <illegible> <illegible> <illegible>) Olcott proposed it to Knower & the Directors were unanimous in offering it to me & as Olcott says agreed to give me till half past nine (instead of nine) to dress & wash.

What do you think of it? I told Mr. Knower I wd. prefer to consult you before accepting, but he said you ought to like it, that he wd. think it a favor to his <illegible> <illegible>.

At all counts the immediate benefit is certain, the contingent future injury contingent.

All Kinderhook & a great deal of Albany are <illegible> <with> <illegible>. Will you see <illegible> about the atty Genl. <fees>. He has been written to by his clerk.

Yours very truly

J.Van Buren

Mr. <illegible> Leonard studied law with Judge & a <illegible> & is a good young man. Send him some letters. Don’t forget it.

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Source: PSt Pennsylvania State University, Pattee Library
Collection: Alexander Duer Harvey Collection of Martin Van Buren Correspondence, 1814-1866 (PSt)
Series: Series 7 (4 March 1833-3 March 1837)